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Writer's Block: Perks of the Job

In this economic climate, not all employers are able to give raises. What perks would make you happy in lieu of a raise?
a Christmas bonus

Writer's Block: Immigration

If you had to immigrate from your current home, where in the world would you choose to go?

one of the ABC islands in the Caribbean- probably Aruba

Losing the in-laws

The MIL is leaving for Vegas this Wednesday...that's it- who knows when we'll see them again?
So, seeing as my husband is Jewish and I'm not- I'm starting to think about that part of her life-
I know for the big holidays (Rosh Hashanah, Passover), we'll be invited to my husbands relatives houses to celebrate- so, Laila will get to experience them...but, no one really celebrates Hannukah it seems- I'm sure his parents would have done something for it if they were staying in Jersey- but, now I feel like I need to step in and make it a yearly tradition in our lives.
I know how to do Christmas and the holidays I grew up with- but, Hanukkah?? I have numerous books on Jewish holidays and now (that I've looked it up) numerous recipes for traditional foods (latkes and such)...but, my husband doesn't seem that into it- he kind of said, "yeah, if you want to..."
I realize the baby is only 4 months old- but, I want her to grow up with knowing that it is something that will be done every year-
whether her Dad's parents are here or not- just something that 's been on my mind...
and on a sad note- I have to go back to work tomorrow (after 4 wonderful days off) I think I'm still in denial....
I have alot of work to do this week-
setting up an entire lobby display myself (I am the art teacher) for the month of December...it was nice spending time with the baby (as if I were a stay at home Mom) I actually got alot done this weekend...only 4 more weeks or so until Christmas break..then I get a whole week with Laila

Thanksgiving craziness

Thanksgiving was crazy- 2-3 hours at my parents, then, travel south for his in-laws...stuck in traffic(it was raining, there were accidents) with a crying baby was not fun...she did very well while at both houses though- was very good...everyone commented on how well-behaved she was.

it's been awhile

the in-laws will be moving to Vegas by the 30th- last Thanksgiving together (most likely)-
well, my father-in-law moved out there a few weeks ago- my MIL will be going after Thanksgiving...I've been working like crazy at my school- besides the regular classes...I'm now involved in an SEM (school enrichment model) that's where aeach teacher (if you'd like to volunteer) teaches a subject that they are personally interested in- we had to fill out this interest survey- on mine I wrote scrapbooking and architecture- not sure why-
there's lots of other things I'm interested in, but I guess they wouldn't translate as a class for elementary school kids- the principal saw my architecture idea and LOVED it- so therefore I'm kind of stuck doing it- won't be so bad I guess- except the only kids interested are the boys- not a girl in sight-
and some are really annoying- but, they only sign up for the 3 classes they most want to take- so it should eliminate the people who wouldn't want to be there anyway...
as for health- I've had a cough for a few weeks now (most likely thanks to my students) and now a runny nose- luckily the baby hasn't picked up any of my symptoms- and both of my big toes developed in grown toenails (one got really infected) and they had to be cut open by the foot doctor (which was an experience) - now, hopefully, they are healing...
two of  my students (sisters) have evidently been coming in to school with lice for the last few weeks (their mother didin't know she couldn't send them to school with that- likely story)
I can't wait until Thanksgiving (4 day vacation) all I care about anymore is days off from work-
as for my little Laila- she's doing well, been a little fussy (this week she got her synagis injection) but, she's good and strong- we were told she needs more tummy playtime and more time working on her stomach muscles (so she'll be able to sit up eventually)
otherwise she's talking up a storm and she watches everything that goes on around her....
<lj-cut text="pictures">http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v178/suramos/DSCN0596.jpg

this is her being held by my husband and looked after by my chihuahua Zoe (she wasn't in any danger of being harmed)
tomorrow, Allan will be picking up our Glamour shots photos and a 16 by 20(f from the JCpenney shoot we had 2 months ago<lj-cut >
edit- for some reason I've been having trouble posting pictures...what is going on?


whenever Laila sees me now, she gives me a huge smile (at 16 weeks) -she's not just randomly smiling at her toys (which is what has been happening up until now...
but, I still haven't caught that smile on camera yet:(
she's 13 lbs. and the Dr said she's a great size considering she was 6 weeks early

not a Glamour Shots pictureCollapse )

busy, busy, busy

the life of a working mom-
get up- walk and feed the dogs- go to work- run home at lunch to eat- visit the baby quick- say hi to the husband- walk the dogs- run back to work-
come home at 3 to relieve Allan so he can go to work- bath, feed and care for baby (usually fussy all evening)- also, make dinner, walk the dogs(which involves wrangling dog and baby to go out togther- ) try to eat at some point (the dinner i made) and hopefully in bed by 10pm (when allan should be home to take over night duty- I know, he's a GREAT husband)
realized i hadn't posted in awhile
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
here's Laila from this week
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I only make her wear the headband for pictures
now, time for bed-i'm way overdue
and the weekends are REALLY busy- that's when the cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping have to get done (making up for lost time)

mothballs kill

About two weeks ago I noticed the cutest little kitten in our backyard- I named him Boots- he was all black with four white paws...cutest thing (and I'm not really a cat person)- he and his mother lived in our neighborhood, but spent a great deal of time in our backyard...me, being on maternity leave, would occasionally watch them play from my 2nd floor window...
well, there were 2 days this week (Thurs & Fri) that my landlord was home from work to clean out our backyard- I heard him chopping away at overgrown bushes, pulling weeds, he even climbed on top of his one car garage and swept...I guess once everything was clean and neat looking- he threw down numerous mothballs(don't know why- he isn't from America and may have had his own reasons for putting them down)-
well, on Saturday morning, Boots was lying dead in front of our house...in the street- right next to the curb- not flattened (so he wasn't run over) just on his side and dead.
I suspected that it had something to do with my landlord cleaning out the yard- but, it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I walked back there and saw the mothballs

(We don't use the backyard- our dogs NEVER go back there- that is just where we keep our garbage cans)
about the danger:
would you do anything about this?
these are the same people who politely try to offer our dogs a "chocolate cookie" whenever they see them...we have told them numerous times that chocolate is dangerous to dogs- but, it just doesn't get through- English is not their first language and they really are just trying to be polite...


so, after spending an entire morning talking with employment lawyers, calling the NYCLU and arranging appointments...
we called my school to request copies of everything in my file (which I legally have access to) and we were told I couldn't get them...I had to go in and speak with my principal- which a lawyer advised us was my best bet of getting copies of my file...
so, me, allan and the baby went in and the principal said that since I never received the discontinuance letters- I was still employed there- my classroom was waiting for me and she expected me back on Sept 18th- when my 8 weeks of maternity is officially over-
I guess now would not be a good time to extend it to my full 4 months of child care.